WSF launches World Masters Tour

The World Squash Federation (WSF) is integrating World, Regional and National Masters events into a WSF World Masters Tour (WMT), being in five year age bands from 35+ to 80+, to create an exciting unified structure for Masters Players.

The published calendar with event contact listings will enable players to plan their competing from information all in one place.

After reviewing movement of players between regions, if viable an accompanying WSF World Masters Rankings can be developed.

There will be three levels of event :

Tier 1. WSF World Masters Championships.

Tier 2. Regional Open Championships. (It is hoped that each Region will run a Regional Masters Open annually or biennially)

Tier 3. Regional Closed and National Open Masters Championships.

National and Regional Federations will set their own general regulations but there are a number of general requirement that must be adhered to for all events that wish to be part of WMT.

Registration is open now, with the first tournaments under the new structure to commence in March 2019.



Author: stevecubbins

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